My father immigrated to the United States in 1952 to become a Presbyterian minister; his
choice of careers has had a lasting impact an my own life, It was also my father who introduced
me, his first child born in the United States, to the world of an by providing my first
pocket knife at the age of five and giving me books on woodcarving. Thus began a life long
romance with sculpture.

In the early 1980’s I traveled to the Middle East with my father.
and it was there that l was inspired to curve in stone. I found the rich heritage of
our past preserved in a variety of quarried materials, from alabaster to marble.
When I returned to the United States I accepted the challenge of working in stone
and have discovered it to he an entitlement of agony and ecstasy,

My current subject matter is derived from the texts of the Bible, the Koran, and
the Torah. This work has become a cumulative process of my own spiritual
journey, in what it means to grow up as an integral member of the religious
community and as a minister’s son. As you may note in this current collection,
the title of each piece has a double entendre and each sculpture a negative and
positive side. This reflects my own feelings about organized religion. Although
there are many problems within the religious community at this point in time, all
of these religions have at their core I search for spiritual enlightenment and
eternal peace.