Ann Royer

“It was with some reluctance that I agreed to write about my art.

I have always thought each person looks at art bringing with them their own experiences, which governs what they see (no one should interfere with that process).

Over the years I have tried to explore the horse and female images. Every time I worked with other animals I would always return to the horse. Its exquisite form is universal as a war horse, sport horse, or plow horse. The female form represents Mother Earth. Its pear-shaped, voluminous form is fun to work with. Again, each of us relates to our own thoughts.

I have always felt free to work in many media and examine an image in a representational, semi-abstract, or totally abstract form. It is personally satisfying.

The need to create images precedes recorded history. The drawings in the caves of Lascaux are an example. I have that need.

It doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t like what I make. I would be upset if a viewer was bored by the work.

I hope the people see something magical in all art in any form.”

1933 Sioux City, Iowa
Presently working in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Colorado College
University of Minnesota, Duluth

2006      Cornerhouse Gallery & Frame, Cedar Rapids, IA
1998      Cornerhouse Gallery & Frame, Cedar Rapid