Tatiana Ivaschenko-Jackson was born in the Ukrainian city of Odessa and at an early age was painting in the streets of the Southern Russian city of Krasnodar. She went on the attend Krasnodarskiy University where she earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Art History and Technical Drawing. Her graduate project, a weaving entitled “Holy Rus,” won first place in an annual graduate show and was placed in an international touring exhibit which toured Europe. Tatiana was then accepted at the Hertsen Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg to begin work on an MFA. It was after a year there that Tatiana received what would turn out to be a life changing experience of receiving a scholarship to attend the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa In the spring of 1995 she received an M.A. in Painting from UNI.

Tatiana considers herself fortunate in her artistic education. First, she was well schooled in the technical fundamentals of drawing, composition and the use of oil painting techniques. Secondly she was exposed to Russian Impressionism, an offshoot of the French school of Impressionism. Russian Impressionism added emotion and realism to the impressionist style Lastly, when she came to the United States, she was able to experience an artistic environment free from traditional expectations. In this environment she felt free to discover more of her creative inner self, and express this in her work. Tatiana firmly believes that it was in the free environment of the United States that she progressed from being a technical artist to a free and real artist.

In describing her artistic style, Tatiana calls herself a “Russian Impressionist.” In her works, done almost exclusively in oils on canvas, she emphasizes the importance of the moment. Her works find beauty in the things we often overlook in our rush to deal with the cares of the world. She believes that truth and beauty are almost always more simple than we think they may be. Her works emphasize the positive and show the goodness and beauty God placed in the world. She paints in vibrant colors and bold textures created by both palette knife and brush. She paints with great emotion and hopes to convey her perceptions of beauty in a way that touches the emotions of the viewer. Through her use of color and light, we as the viewers of her works, can truly be carried away by the importance of the moment shown in her bold vibrant impressive works