Cynthia Duff

Born in Denver, Colorado, Cynthia Duff was inspired by her family’s passion of the arts, music, nature and the relationships of life. Her strength in design is due to her training and working as a Commercial Artist in Corporate and Marketing design. Her children were born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska, which is known worldwide for the migration of the Sand Hill Cranes. During that time, she had the opportunity to observe the Sand Hill Cranes on the Platte River Valley where she became known as the “Crane Lady” for her art. Cynthia can now be seen painting in her studio in Grand Junction, Colorado or along a road side painting vistas and wildlife of the magnificent west.

A Bent Wood Series made out of bent birch wood and acrylic stains were created for a metal sculpture show called “bent”. The series was invented while searching for a bent canvas for this show. The paintings are stained with acrylic to reveal the rich wood grain. Gold leaf is applied for and accent and varnish is used as a final coat for durability. The piece is then bent into its final form.

Cynthia Duff’s contemporary and expressionistic acrylic paintings come alive. Observing the chemistry of color and the shapes of nature, feeling the crevices of the earth’s crust. Creating with the music in the air, and interpreting the senses into visual wind chimes on paper, canvas or wood. Ever changing as her experiences and observations change during her creative journey.

Cynthia has been privileged to be recognized by Legends of the Cranes, Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic, Nebraska Life, GV Magazine, Southwest Art, Western Arts Collector, and “Outdoor Life” PBS series. She has published Prairie Meditations, Kindred Spirits, Here’s Cheers, and Crane Essence books along with poet Trisha Moon-Beem. Her works can be seen in many public, corporate and private collections around the world.